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Mr Gunn added he was only aware of two examples of people in Scotland around that time having a similar diet. The man, known to archaeologists as Rosemarkie Man, stood at 5ft 6ins and was aged about 30 at the time of his death.

Here's why I dated 8 men with the same name...

His skeleton had no injuries other than those inflicted during his death. This suggests he was not a warrior or engaged in arduous labour. Mr Gunn also said the cave burial could have been a way to place his body at an "entrance to the underworld" as part of a ritual. Forensic anthropologist Dame Sue Black previously led a University of Dundee team in an examination of his injuries. The team concluded he suffered a brutal death.

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Alternate Versions. Qualities for a potential partner would be someone who is tall, intelligent, funny and athletic. Smith netted on the hour mark to give United a cushion and the three points were well on their way back to Tannadice when he scored again in stoppage time. Join our UK community and meet thousands of lonely hearts from various parts of Dundee City. Will swipe right for: Career-minded people. David, 26, Bradford: Compliance worker. Will allow you are overwhelming.

Scottish Post Office directories provide a perfect basis for researching Scotland's family, trade, and town history. Still, one of the better dates I've had in a while.

Daniel 2, however, challenges every judgemental bone in my body. First of all, by taking me bowling shit shoes, and I always need the sides up , and secondly by linking his arm through mine on our way from bar to bowling alley and saying, "Doesn't this just feel right? Too keen.

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Halfway through our second game, he asks, "Are you racist, by the way? I'm not racist but…" Literally, what? I frown and glance sideways at a rubbish bin overflowing with chequered hotdog wrappers and imagine stuffing him inside it. Small feet, small mind. The Name Game. After two extremely polarising dates, I phone David Figlio, a professor of economics at Northwestern University, to talk science.

His research looks into the influence names have on academic choices and how teachers unconsciously judge children by their monikers. The Daniels I've met are generous with both their time and emotions.

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We discuss research by psychologist Dr Brett Pelham that found those with a common surname, such as Smith, are more likely to marry another Smith. We're attracted to things that remind us of ourselves. We tend to become attracted to facial features that are relatively similar to ours; why not aspects of names?

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I've always gravitated towards guys with unusual names. My last serious boyfriend was called Matz, and my last friends-with-benefits situation was with a guy called Israel his intriguing name was the reason I initially clicked on his profile. Could it be because of my uncommon surname? Yes, but it could also be because of the characteristics those with stand-out names tend to take on.

But it's also what's led to my late-night trips on the night bus, alone.

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On with the search. Daniel 3 it turns out is friendly but slightly beige. When he later reveals his surname is Smith, I do find myself questioning if that's why we lack a spark. Daniel 4, however, is anything but beige.

Dundee, Scotland

He's Danny Goldberg, 27, a friend of a friend, who makes the mistake of asking me what I'm working on when I bump into him outside my office. Days later we head to a swanky French restaurant.

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He makes me laugh from start to finish, especially post-dinner when we head to an arcade to play shoot-up games, surrounded by awkward teens. On my train ride home I realise I've only drunk one glass of wine on our date — Danny made me feel so instantly at ease that I didn't need liquid courage. Like all the other Daniels so far, he's clearly comfortable in his own skin.

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I'm starting to realise that the reason I always go for that in-your-face confidence is that not only is it a challenge, but secretly I hope it will rub off on me. But meeting these kind, mellower Daniels has made me see that those alpha types actually made me shrink into myself, or act like someone I'm not to try and impress them.

The Daniels I've met discounting the bowling racist are generous with both their time and emotions. I'm starting to see why they make such good partners, even if I haven't met 'mine' yet.